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Hunt and Darton Cafe

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Taking a walk round Harlow town centre today and entered a most welcoming cafe. Greeted by our hostess dressed in broccoli headgear with dress to match, and after trying a number of dodgy chairs, we took our table. On the menu, a most excellent bacon buttie and literally, a pint of coffee; also a goat’s cheese salad and a reportedly superb cup of tea, served in the smallest mug – we’re nothing if not inconsistent. Soft Cell single on the turntable at 33rpm. This severed with a main course of performance – consisting of an Aeroplane for starters (an impersonation of a plane taking off performed by our hostess). “I am the Buffet” – started with our hostess laying across the table whilst the cook threw salad at her, ended up with my good self being the buffet, on the table, pelted with salad and Wotsits, whilst smoking a veggie sausage. The desert was “Africa” – ingredients: a twirling dance. Then a helping of poetry for desert.
Best cafe I’ve been in – it’s there till the 27th June – so good, we had to rush back as the parking was running out.

13 June 2015

Pop Up Cafe –

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