The windows of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge.

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Back in Feb 2015, we took a trot up the motorway to Cambridge to feast our glazzies on some of the glass on display there. We cut into King’s College Chapel and took a few snaps of it’s details on offer to us. Some of the glass work is superb, esp a lot of the smaller stuff – hidden away in little corners. The big stuff, on the whole, a little disappointing, lacking definition and clarity, with a lot of the large windows containing many repairs of various pieces of seemingly unrelated content. I know it’s pricey to make stained glass to order and especially on such a scale, but it smacked of centuries of “just get it done somehow” so we can keep the tourists coming through (the history of “nothing much changes”).
However, the place itself… the ceiling, the little ante rooms, the pews… pretty amazing. Though if you’re looking for the history of Great Britain and England, it aint here.

Anyhow and either way. I’ve uploaded the pix that we took and that are just about viewable. Tricky to get a decent snap on a hand held automatic on full zoom of an object 50+ feet in the air.

Have a look, see how we did. 😉

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