The Gibberd Gardens

Fred Gibberd, a famous architect/ designer of his time, was given the task of designing and over seeing the building of Harlow, back in 1946. He did as asked and Harlow was built. He lived a little way out of the town, in the house attached to these gardens. Seems he applied to the council, the one he’d just basically created, for planning permission to alter his house. He was turned down, but undeterred he appealed, and appealed again and again and the costs his appeals and all that mounted up and ate the money he’d earned and more, forcing him to sell loads of his investments and his art too. Think he died in loads of debt as a result of it all.

Beware of these my gentle friends, of all the skin you breed, it has a tasty habit to eat the hand that bleeds…

His garden and house survive and a number of art works too. The gardens were a little rundown as I remember. So go pay it a visit, buy some tea and cake and give the place some of your cash so they can keep it running.

pix taken – 3 Aug 13

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