The Cast Room

The Cast Room at The V & A
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Had originally gone down to the V & A do some drawing. But the place was busy and I couldn’t find the right place to settle. So decided to take some snaps instead. Only had my phone with me at the time, so some of the results are a bit ropey and unfortunately, some totally unusable.

There’s loads in the room so I tried to narrow it down to the more interesting characters and scenes. Such as the three faced woman or the King with his bits dangling down proudly.

The Cast Room hasn’t been open long and on previous visits I’d only looked down at the works from the balcony above, whilst the room was being prepared. But the scale of them is only apparent when you’re actually stood beneath them. Esp David. Though I think my favourite is sculpture in there is Michelangelo’s “The Rebellious Slave”.

There was one thing to note: as you looked up the great columns of spiralling casts (some of the photos that didn’t come out), the tops of them appear to be swaying from side to side at a fair rapid rate. Quite unnerving, as it appears so many tons of rock are about to come crumbling down on your head. Actually, seems it was an optical illusion created by the flickering fluorescent tubes high in the ceiling above.

Pix taken 3 Apr 2015

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